Our Daily Bread Ministries has always been committed to making the Word of God understandable and accessible to all, and this is still our spiritual foundation. With over 75 years of ministry, we now have more than 600 employees in 35 countries and create resources in over 30 languages that are distributed in more than 150 countries. Ministry partners distribute the resources in another 20-plus languages. We established an office in Madrid in October 2003, but in 2012 we moved to Moaña, closer to the Portuguese border. The Spain office distributes materials throughout the country in Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Through Our Daily Bread and our other materials, we seek to enable people in our country to have a daily personal encounter with God and to learn more from His Word. The primary focus of our ministry is through personal contact with our readers, but we also work in close cooperation with local churches. We not only want to help all believers and churches to grow but also to reach out to other individuals and groups.

If you can use some helpful tools and encouragement to keep you faithfully reading God’s Word every day or to help you challenge others to do so, contact us for more information on our resources.

Контактная информация

Nuestro Pan Diario
Rua Miguel Enríque 1, bajo
Moaña, (Pontevedra) 36950

Nuestro Pan Diario
Apartado de Correos 33
Moaña, (Pontevedra) 36950

(+34-986) 318085

Email: spain@odb.org

Website: nuestropandiario.org